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Heater Repair

Our frigid winters require a working heating system. MMDS delivers fast, reliable heater repair in Skokie, Wheeling, Crystal Lake, and Highland Park to get your heat restored. We have more than 100 years of experience and the knowledge needed to find the problem with all heating system brands and models. Our technicians offer urgent repair services when your heat isn’t working. 

Contact MMDS today at 847-221-6280 to set up an appointment for your heater repair. 

When a Heater Needs Repair

The freezing winter months are the worst time for a heater malfunction — of course, that’s exactly when heating systems tend to break down. There are signs that signal a problem with your heating system that requires the attention of an experienced HVAC technician. 

Signs that a heater needs help include:  

  • No heat: If the heat isn’t turning on at all, the problem may be with your thermostat, heating system, or circuit breaker. This is always an urgent situation in extreme temperatures.  
  • Insufficient heat: When the heater is running but the house isn’t warming up enough, you could have a problem with the heating system or thermostat. 
  • Uneven heating from room to room: Are some areas of the house warmer or colder than others? A qualified HVAC technician can help restore even heat throughout the house. 
  • Cold air coming from the vents: Turning on the heat only to feel cold air coming from the vents is a sign that your heating system needs professional attention. 
  • Pilot light issues: The pilot light on your furnace should be on and blue. If the pilot light won’t stay lit or the flame is orange or yellow, call for repairs. 
  • Loud noises: Every heating system makes a bit of noise. However, if you notice that your heater is suddenly making loud clanging or banging noises, something is broken and needs to be repaired.  
  • Strange odors: If you notice a strange odor, your heater needs repair. When the odor is like rotten eggs, turn off the heat, leave the house immediately, and call for help. 

Regardless of the problem with your heating system, waiting to call for Skokie heater repair almost always makes the problem worse. If you notice any of these signs or another problem, don’t wait to schedule repair service. 

Our HVAC services include:

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Q: 01. How can I make my home feel less humid after a summer rainstorm?

Does your home feel too humid after a summer rainstorm? Here is a simple solution: run your air conditioning system a little longer than normal at a lower temperature than normal. Your air conditioning system is dehumidifying your home, while it is running. The system will draw all of the humidity out of your home and that cool feeling will return!

Zoning makes your home more comfortable and helps you save money on energy. Your home is divided into independent zones, as multiple thermostats are used. The climate is then independently controlled depending on your desired level of comfort in each zone. Most common examples of zoning are: separating the upstairs climate from the downstairs; establishing a special zones for sleeping and living areas.

By zoning, you have more control over different areas of your home, without having to regularly adjust the thermostat in order to reach desired level of comfort. Rooms inside your home, which are traditionally warmer than others, are easily cooled without placing extra strain on your HVAC system.

Regular maintenance is absolutely vital to the performance and lifespan of your heating/cooling system.

Benefits of regular maintenance are:

  • System will perform efficiently and you will be able to cut down on high energy costs
  • Prolong the life-span of the equipment; avoid unexpected and costly repairs
  • Maintain manufacturer’s warranty
  • Ensure system is running without risk to your health or/and safety


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