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When the temperature and humidity outdoors become more intense, you’ll have to rely on your air conditioning unit indoors. And if that air conditioning unit is not functioning correctly, the whole family suffers. Early maintenance can prevent these issues from happening. Also, this will prevent any issues that you had before from becoming into a worse and expensive problem. Extend the life of your air conditioning units and lower your utility bill by having a maintenance plan. Tune-ups every year can drastically help with avoiding dust build-up which can cause your system to fail sooner and run harder than it should.

Not only does MMS provide maintenance but also, diagnostics and repair services of any type of air conditioning system. Any make; any model. Let MMS help you with Installation & Repair of your air conditioning units and help them run more efficiently and economically. Don’t let the heat bring you down.

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Your heating and cooling system is made up of many parts, all working together to keep you comfortable all year round. An air handler is usually located in the garage, a closet, or in the attic (unless you have a package unit then the air handler is incorporated in the system). It is essential to any HVAC forced air system. All A/C units need a way to move the air, and the air handler serves this function.

Clean coils, a working motor, proper filters and refrigerant levels and good air flow are essential elements for the efficient operation of your air handler. With regular maintenance, you can get the best performance out of this critical piece of HVAC equipment. If you suspect that your air handler isn’t doing its job.


What is a furnace? Simply put, a furnace draws air in from the living space, heats it up and returns it to warm the home. Modern furnaces are forced air systems in three basic configurations based on the direction in which the furnace outputs heat. As with all HVAC systems, at some point furnace repairs will be necessary. For example, air filtration is critical to effective heating, so you should make sure to change or clean your furnace filters often and have your furnace professionally serviced before every heating season. To help extend the life of your furnace be sure to provide regular maintenance.


Unlike traditional furnaces and air conditioning units, heat pumps do not actually generate heat. Instead, they move warm air to wherever it is needed or wanted. For example, in the winter months, heat is moved inside the house and, in the summer months, heat is vented outdoors. The result is a system that can provide up to four times the amount of energy it consumes.

Depending on the size of your house and your existing heating and cooling system, an MMS service professional can recommend and install a heat pump that is right for your home. Likewise, if your existing unit is in need of repair, we can get it up and running again.
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