Radiant heat provides unsurpassed levels of comfort and warmth. Because radiant systems warm objects and not air, your home remains at an even temperature, with no “cold spots” to avoid. With conventional systems, surfaces remain cool because only the air is heated. When your bare foot hits the cold floor, you lose about 50% of your body heat! Using an entire surface as a radiator to conduct heat, a radiant system warms everything it touches – not just you, but all the furniture and walls. You are constantly in contact with a comforting, warm surface!

Benefit of Radiant Heat
Conventional convection systems must be set at higher temperatures to achieve the same comfort level as radiant heat systems. The lower temperature required for a radiant heat system helps maintain the natural humidity level, lower static electricity levels and nearly eliminate drafts. Just imagine, no more uneven temperatures, no hot blasts from vents, and no scorching radiators or baseboards. And your lower fuel consumption is friendly to the environment and your budget!

By installing a radiant heat system, you can enjoy added benefits that enhance your living environment. The air quality of your home is cleaner because dust and other air pollutants are not blown, as with conventional “forced air” systems. The absence of air vents also creates a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in your home.

You would expect a system that provides this level of comfort to be more expensive. In fact, radiant heat is one of the most efficient and economical systems available today! Your long-term cost-savings benefits are unparalleled!

Monitored to adjust the outside temperatures, our radiant system will continually run at the lowest energy level and at lower temperatures than a conventional convection system. In a larger home, a radiant system enables you to place thermostats in different rooms providing better energy efficiency.

Radiant heat allows unlimited design flexibility – for both new homes and older structures. With a radiant system, you have complete use of all floor space without worrying about obstacles such as radiators or baseboards. Place your furniture where you want, decorate your home without obstacles! Or if you are building a new home, design it without worrying about heating units interfering with the style you’ve chosen.

MMS can install attractive panel radiators and towel warmers that can keep you cozy and be integrated with your decor. We can even adapt a radiant heat system for snow-melting applications. Just think no more shoveling the driveway or walkway to the house!

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